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Black Folks Love Horror, Too

Black people have been involved in the horror genre since the genre was created. Still, it can be hard to find spaces that truly value our voices. If you are a horror writer wanting to share your work or just a fan looking to connect with other scary folks, check out this list of Black-centered horror publishers, funders, organizations, and scare-enthusiasts. 

1. Black Women Are Scary 

    Horror podcast. Reads submitted stories by Black women authors on their episodes.

2. Midnight and Indigo

    Online literary magazine publishing Black women in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and more. 

3. Horror Spotlight 

 Funding and book reviews for marginalized horror writers. 

4. Afro Horror 

Celebrates and amplifies the work of Black horror creatives.

5. Sistah Scifi

    Bookstore connecting readers to Black and Indigenous horror/sci-fi readers.

6. Girl That's Scary 

Podcast discussing all things spooky.

7. Blerdy Massacre

Podcast featuring chaotic, topical conversations for horror nerds of color. 

8. Peek-A-Boo!

Black queer owned horror magazine.

9. Horror Movies and Beyond

Black woman run platform offering horror movie reviews/interviews.

10. Monkeypaw Productions 

Black owned production company specializing in horror films. 

11. Diverse Grants 

Funding for marginalized voices in horror.

12. Afflicted

Black woman hosted horror podcast.

13. Nah, I'm Good!

Brother-sister duo podcast discussing the horrors of life and the many ways human beings and natural encounters make us go "nah, I'm good."

14. Homies of Horror

Black-led podcast talking all things horror movies. 

15. The LaSane Assylum 

Black-owned horror themed clothing brand by Andrew LeSane.

16. Horror Headz 

A trio of melanated horror nerds immersed in all things spooky and beyond. Horror news, reviews, and more!

17. The Black Crypt Keeper

Highlights Black horror characters from movies and TV and shares favorite scenes and moments. 

18. Dread Central

Sharing love for all things horror. Advocates for diverse artists and indie films. Partners with Girl That's Scary.

19. Horror in the City

Black woman led horror, sci-fi, and thriller movie reviews.  

20. What Did I Just Watch?

Black woman YouTuber reviews well-known and obscure horror movies.

21. Black Women In Horror

Digital magazine highlighting the contributions of Black women to the horror genre. 

22. Rise from the Dead

Podcast duo discuss lesser known horror gems and decide if they should “rise from the dead” or stay buried.

23. Scream Kingz

Black men in horror podcast. Listen for the "scream of your life."

24. The Unbound & Rewound Podcast

NYC-based horror podcast with a Black, queer perspective.

25. Gigi Murakami

Horror manga artist and illustrator.

26. The Evol Tyrone

Horror director and screenwriter, and co-host of “Evol Live” YouTube series.  

27. Dungeon

Gamer specializing in horror games. 

28. Artsy Ghoul

Visual artist specializing in horrific illustrations and paintings.  

29. In Love With Horror

Screenwriters turned horror podcast duo offers new thrilling episodes weekly.

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